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Keystone XL Pipeline fails to get the votes to move forward

It was a narrow victory for those of us who love the earth but a victory all the same. The republicans are going to continue to make the Keystone XL pipeline a priority while ignoring the real problems that are facing regular Americans. Like: homelessness, infant mortality, hunger, lack of affordable day care, lack of public pre-school, universal health care, living wage, alternative energy, predatory corporations, civil rights for all, and just a basic good America. A place we can feel good about.

How much longer are these politicians going to ignore the people and just do a days work?



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Mass Medical Pot Dispensaries Already Corrupt and Not Even Open Yet

So much corruption in Massachusetts and so little time to keep up with it. This is a perfect article on what we have come to expect from corrupt politicians and cronies. I have already emailed the Governor, Speaker of the House, my Congressman, and my Senator and asked them to fire the head of the Licensing Board of the Mass Medical Marijuana Board. This article says it all.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Massachusetts



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