Still Snowing in Boston-Winter 2014

I have lost track of the snow storms we have had in Boston this winter but we had another one yesterday. I love to bake and cook during snow storms and yesterday I made artichoke, onion, and anchovies pizza. I make my own pizza crust and that makes the difference. I have used bakery pizza doughs many times but they never handle or bake the way my own do. The crust recipe is from my favorite baking book: King Arthur Flour, 200th Anniversary Cookbook.

artichoke, onion, anchovies pizza

artichoke, onion, anchovies pizza

I am running out of snow scenes in my own neighborhood but here are some from around my house

snow bank on front sidewalk

snow bank on front sidewalk

my neighbors

my neighbors


my boot prints



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2 responses to “Still Snowing in Boston-Winter 2014


    Hi Anne,

    Jim and I are in Savannah. So nice to be wearing sunscreen instead of down jackets.

    We have been eating great, but everyone warns us away from the pizza here. No problem – we’re very happy with other foods but your pizza sure does look tempting. We’d eat that the minute if he had it.

    We both liked your snow photos – lovely – but are glad we did not take them ourselves and wish we could give you a little bit of our 81° weather predicted for tomorrow.

    Jim and I finally arrived last night after many delays. We are still decompressing. It was perfect warm weather today . Our cab driver from the airport insisted there are more haunted places here than in any other town. But that’s not what is frightening about Savannah. What alarms us is that the people are so over-the-top friendly, and never stop talking once they launch into being helpful.

    T All this Southern hospitality feels a little crazy to us New Yorkers. Staying in a old house (Airbnb) in the historic district and our host gave us a block-by-block rundown of the entire 2-square mile neighborhood, using a dog-eared map in our room – and when we thought he was finally done, and because he was a bit tipsy, forgot where he had started and began all over again. There is a lovely open front porch with lots of stuffed furniture. Judging from the scent it seems to be the sole territory of the family cat who has sprayed every square inch. With my eyes closed I could imagine what a true lion’s den must smell like.

    Enjoy that pizza.

    Love Barbette and Jim.

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    • Yikes!

      Glad you are having a good time and not eating pizza–since it’s hard to get better pizza than NYC (and Boston) and a few other cities–but damn few. I bet the desserts are really something in Savannah. For some reason desserts are what I think of when I think of Savannah. And haunted places. I would love that!

      Enjoy the weather. I do envy you that. I look forward to seeing your pictures. You both always take such beautiful pictures.

      Love, Ann

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