My First Tourtiere

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I did. I did some baking. I made pizzelles and lemon squares. Today I baked my first Tourtiere. Traditionally, a Tourtiere is baked and served on Christmas Eve as part the French Canadian tradition. It sounded so good as described on a cooking blog I was reading that I decided to google it and found a number of variations. I decided on a ground pork recipe that required less cooking time for the filling than some other recipes. The ground pork filling is cooked stove top in a big frying pan with one baked potato without its skin, one large onion, ground cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. I substituted nutmeg for allspice because I am out of allspice. Salt, pepper, and water are also added. That mixture is cooked about an hour until the liquid is syrupy. Next, make it into a pie and bake it like any other pie with a pate brisee crust. The top crust is brushed with a beaten egg and sprinkled with paprika.¬† It’s very flavorful and filling.




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