Happy Halloween – 2013

Happy Halloween to All –

My very creative neighbor carved these pumpkins and added little hands to some of them. The pumpkins came from an accidental pumpkin patch (one vine) that grew outside her front door steps when a seed from her last year’s pumpkin seeded itself. Then proceeded to grow completely on it’s own to the delight of the neighborhood.

madly eating it's own vine

madly eating it’s own vine

the four pumpkins

the four pumpkins




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4 responses to “Happy Halloween – 2013

  1. Margaret Chiles

    Great pictures…..Happy Halloween to you, love, Margaret

  2. Jenny Lavigne

    That is wonderful! I love the idea, too, that it came from last year’s pumpkin!! Maybe it will leave another and another pumpkin vine will volunteer next season! How nice that your neighbor valued the special gift of nature enough to allow it to live alongside whatever landscaping they planned!

    • I know. My neighbor is a very creative artist with a whole creative family. She and her husband totally ignored the vine and were amazed how well it did. Other cultivated pumpkin vines on my street did not do nearly as well. A real joy.

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