More US Jobs

I understand that it is not the US Government’s responsibility to create jobs. But when I have to wait 11 minutes to talk to a Medicare Customer Services Rep and 14 minutes to talk to a Mass Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Customer Service Rep, I would say these Government and tax payer supported agencies need to hire more people. Especially in the case of the MBTA where I got a hostile and argumentative response from their Customer Service Man–which is why I emailed and called Gov. Patrick’s Constituent Service with my concern and a person answered my call.

The Medicare Customer Service Woman was awesome once I got to her. But our Government saw us coming. We baby boomers have been on their horizon for decades. Why are they unprepared to handle us? Could it have something to do with the fact that the Pentagon spends billions of dollars annually on public relations on the war in  Afghanistan. Could that be where tax payer dollars are going? What about our taxes supporting US corporations?  (That is for a different blog post.)

As for the MBTA, well they have always been a huge disappointment. I have ridden the T in Boston my whole life and either did not own a car or left my car behind. Their Customer Service Man was rude, hostile, and argumentative. Until I told him that I was not going to accept no for an answer and was viewing the Dept of Transportation web page as we were speaking and would escalate my problem until I got what I want.

Why am I posting? The 10 Ride Half Fare Ticket for the Commuter Rail that I purchased for $27.50 last night expires on December 10, 2013. I am not going to make four more round trips to “in town” Boston by December 10, 2013. So I want a partial refund or value transferred to my Charlie Card. Since I used it for one ride before I noticed the expiry date the T tells me that I have no right to a refund. I also want a repeal of the regulation that allows that to be fair.



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2 responses to “More US Jobs

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  2. What has happened to integrity, accountability? So many examples of bad behavior by big business and government employee’s. When we are treated kindly and well, “heard”, we feel as if we hit the jackpot.
    Are people calling customer service to tell them what a great job they are doing? Of course not. But it’s “okay” for them to treat us with hostility.

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