What is the first rule . . . .

You do not blog while drunk.

Except if you are celebrating your 65th Birthday.

It was an excellent day. Unfortunately, the temperature in Boston has been in the mid 90s for three days and it feels like triple digits and there is an end in site maybe at the end of next week.

But if you postponed your dinner with the person you love the most, your son, till it cools down–that makes it a better Birthday for you. Which is what I did. But I proposed visiting him early this morning about 9:30am at his place and that was awesome.

Now I am reading a book about the war in Afghanistan and drinking champagne at the same time. A bad combination for someone like me who is basically a peaceful person but wants to understand war. Here is something I can understand. According to this book, the Pentagon spends billions of dollars on public relations on the war in  Afghanistan. I am concerned about the men and women who are dying there or coming home wounded. I will never really understand that aspect of war which is the whole reason I try to understand it.

So here is my 65th Birthday picture.

65th bday



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5 responses to “What is the first rule . . . .

  1. Barbara Woike

    More wine, less war! Happy Birthday Ann. OOXX Barbara

    On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 5:27 PM, January Skies

  2. Charlotte

    Happy Birthday! You’re a young 65. Continue to enjoy life.


  3. Jenny

    I have great respect for the vets who acknowledge that the horrific havoc our country delivers on the populaces of Afghanistan and Iraq (most recently) is beyond anything we, as sheltered and privileged citizens of the US, can imagine. But let us keep in mind tthat our soldiers (in absence of a draft) have the option of choosing to participate in our “exploits” against our enemies, while the citizenry of those countries has no choice at all. What would I feel, I wonder, if a group of men bearing military weapons broke down the door of my house, shot my dog, shouted orders in a language I did not understand, took my husband, my father, my son and brother. Would I be grateful? Would anyone?

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