Honoring a Friend

Today I will be attending the funeral of a friend. Jeannine spent the past three years battling colon cancer. She lost her battle on Thursday night. She was inspirational in her three year battle with cancer. Jeannine, her husband, and little son worked, played, traveled, and lived as normal a life as possible with a diagnosis as deadly as this one. Jeannine’s diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer while still in her thirties shocked and saddened her family, friends, and co-workers.

As recently as nine weeks ago myself and another friend and Jeannine had planned a lunch and shopping date. Jeannine had to cancel out because her doctors recommended more surgery. Two and a half weeks ago that same friend and I visited Jeannine at her home. We had a good visit although Jeannine was very sick at that time. That was the last time I saw Jeannine.

When I think of Jeannine I see a beautiful, smiling, funny, smart, generous, young women always ready for a challenge and a fun time.



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2 responses to “Honoring a Friend

  1. Margaret

    So sorry Ann – I know how difficult it is to loose a friend so young.

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