More Blizzard Photos

Last night I placed my shovel conveniently outside my back door so I could easily retrieve it today after the snow fall of last night. Although I am a veteran of many Boston blizzards, including the “Blizzard of ’78,” leaving my shovel by the back door was not as good an idea as leaving it in the the mud room would have been. My back door was snowed in and I had to exit my house by the front door and trudge through snow drifts that reached my thighs to get to the back door and my shovel. I did get some nice shots on my journey.


looking out my kitchen window


my street


my sidewalk


my driveway


my backyard


my back door


my small window


finally my shovel, which I needed to dig out



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10 responses to “More Blizzard Photos

  1. That is funny – we try to be prepared! In Buffalo we had the blizzard of ’77. We did not get much snow from this storm. We got a heavy, wet snow which brings its own challenges. I hope you and your family are doing okay.

  2. Hope you guys stay warm ><


    Wow. It seems like ages since we had a good snow here. I’m almost jealous. Did you manage to dig out?
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    • Hi Barb,
      I actually helped my landlady’s boyfriend clear the driveway. He has a snow blower. I shoveled a cute little path from my back door. It was still work but I enjoyed myself. I was so happy to finally get a good snow storm.

  4. A.

    Great shots and glad you’re alright – hopefully wasn’t too much trouble getting the shovel out! I’ve collected some shots from the blizzard over on my blog and at – stay warm out there!

  5. Jim

    Really nice photos. I miss hibernating after those New England blizzards.

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