Hemlock Gorge

On a photo shoot this morning, 7:30am and overcast, my fellow photographer and friend and I visited the Hemlock Gorge in Needham/Newton, MA. Hemlock Gorge is a 23 acre site along the Charles River. The site of a former mill and ancient fire pit used by Native American Indians. Managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation (Formerly the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC)) it is the site of Echo Bridge.  “. . . a huge granite and brick structure that spans the river and gorge. When built in 1877 by the Boston Water Works, the bridge was the second largest masonry arch in the United States. And in 1982, it was designated a National Historic Landmark.” (DCR web page)

My photo of a bridge below is not the Echo Bridge but a lesser more interesting looking bridge near the falls and former mill.

Hemlock Gorge

Smaller Bridge at Hemlock Gorge

Falls at Hemlock Gorge

Roof of Former Mill at Hemlock Gorge

Hemlock Gorge



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2 responses to “Hemlock Gorge

  1. Charlotte

    Lovely shots!

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