The Arnold Arboretum, March 18, 2012

March 18 is still winter in Boston. Spring begins on March 20. On this March 18th the temperatures reached into the low 70 degrees F. It was a remarkable day and a perfect day to visit the Arnold Arboretum. My friend and I had made our plans a week ago and just got really lucky. The Arboretum was filled with people enjoying the surprising weather. Of course, this whole winter has been surprising because of the lack of snow (which I missed) and high temperatures. There were some interesting opportunities for pictures, especially if you are like me and really love bare trees and wetlands surrounded by dead foliage. Here are a few photos I took this day.



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4 responses to “The Arnold Arboretum, March 18, 2012

  1. Charlotte

    I particularly liked the second picture – the one with the cut trunk. We were in the AGrboretm on Sunday too. It was a lovely day.

  2. Thanks, Charlotte. It looks like we will be having many more of those days.

  3. Jenny

    I like best the one with the grasses. Makes me want to run over there. Thanks.

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