crochet baby scarf

I made this scarf for a little friend and neighbor of mine who is turning one on January 30. I hope she likes it. It is made from 100% Chilean alpaca yarn (white) that a friend brought back from Chili. I blended it with  100% US made rayon yarn (salmon) that I have had in my collection for about 36 years. The blend is very soft. I washed the scarf in Caldrea dish soap liquid and Calgon and used Calgon in the final rinse before I blocked it and air dried it.

My friend will see that I put the alpaca yarn to good use. She is actually in Chili right now and promised to bring me back some carmel this time.


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  1. Jenny Lavigne

    Your friend does indeed see the beautiful use to which she put the yarn, and she will promise to do her best to find the caramel colored one this year!

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