new things in the new year

Today I made a healthy green drink. I got the recipe off The Globe and Mail news web site. If you do not know The Globe and Mail it is a Canadian news site that I love. It has world news as well as Canadian news. It is free and the design and layout are the best. They have the best lifestyle features. I frequently read the food and wine features which is how I stumbled upon this recipe.

This drink contains: kale, spinach, flat leaf parsley, grapefruits, lemons, ginger. I had to go to two supermarkets to get the kale and spinach since my local store was out of both. There were a lot of people in the produce department so I think everyone has the same idea. Start eating healthy again after all the eating and drinking that went on over the past couple of weeks. I used my emersion blender to blend the ingredients together. I pushed it to the limits with this drink. It’s hardly a drink. You need to spoon it. It’s very good but quite strong.  The kale ads a bitter sweet flavor. I actually feel great after drinking it but that could be because I was so happy I did not burn out or break my blender.

The other new thing is my camera. I’m debuting some of my first shots from my Canon EOS Rebel T3i that I got for myself for Christmas. It is a real treat. I have been thinking about it for a year and finally took the plunge. My previous DSLR was a Sony which served me very well and now has a new home with my son. So far I LOVE my new camera. I have not taken a lot of pictures yet because I have been mostly experimenting and learning about it but I have gotten some wonderful shots. It would be great to have a snow storm now.  Last winter it seemed to snow endlessly in Boston. I’ll be working on my photo skills and trying to stay away from too many pictures of Lola.


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