instant convert

My son gave me my Christmas gift early. A Kindle. I am a dedicated library user.  I have been since my childhood. I love to read. The thought of buying a Kindle had not occurred to me but then my son told me about the partnership between public libraries and Amazon that makes it possible to download library books directly to Kindle, free. I did not really see myself as ever giving up paper books because I love them but . . . . . . I am 57% through Then Again, Diane Keaton’s autobiography.

I had placed Then Again on my library request list for a Kindle copy and was 21st on the waiting list which is common when I am requesting paper books but somehow the lure of an instant download at $12.99 to my kindle was just too seductive. I’ll definitely be able to restrain myself on The Chocolate Covered Mystery where I am also wait-listed at the library for the Kindle version.  It is part of a mystery series I have been reading for years and the author has gotten worse with time. The books basically suck but I am curious about the characters.

If you are wondering about the wait list for an electronic copy of a book, libraries have to purchase licenses for Kindle books. So like books they will have one copy (license) per Kindle book. Hopefully, like books, each branch will have its own license and if the book is really popular there will be multiple licenses.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.

I know that I am going to be buying more Kindle books rather than be wait-listed at the library. I love reading books off my Kindle. Reading in bed, which I do every night, is much easier and I read more of the book because of the comfort. I am totally sold on Kindle and I will be taking it everywhere.

I am not going to totally give up on paper and never on public libraries. I have a real dedication to libraries. However, I am an instant gratification type of person and having a new book at my fingertips is awesome.



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2 responses to “instant convert

  1. Charlotte Halloran

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am a book kind of person too, but received a gift of a Kindle from one of my sons. Haven’t gotten into it yet, but now feel encouraged to get some Kindle books from the library. I want to have my Kindle with me to Quilt Camp on Wednesday.

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