End of September

remnants of summer

rusted cat

Today is the end of September. It was on the whole a beautiful month.  Beautiful sunny days mixed with grey days and intermittent extreme downpours.  The result seems to be lots of dead leaves on the ground before any real colorful foliage.  We still have time for the foliage to turn brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges. We’ll have to wait and see.  Since it’s New England, we are used to waiting to see what the nature will expose.

Tomorrow begins my favorite month of all, October. I wait all year for this month. I attribute many of the exciting things that have happened in my life to this month so it becomes an optimistic time for me.

This time of year I’m always reminded of Emily Dickinson’s poem:

The morns are meeker than the were 

The nuts are getting brown

The berry’s cheek is plumper

The Rose is out of town.

The Maple wears a gayer scarf

The field a scarlet gown

Lest I should be old fashioned

I’ll put a trinket on.

I love that poem.


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