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After a summer break, the Proper Bostonian Quilters Guild , where I’m surrounded by many talented women, has started up again. We met this past Wednesday night to discuss the coming year. We have a big event coming up in October. It’s the Biennial Quilt Show, October 14 – 16 in West Roxbury, MA. There will be many beautiful quilts on exhibit and some for sale.  In addition, there will be a boutique with all kinds of hand made quilted, knitted, and craft items for sale.  I am currently making pot holders and hope to make some other items for the boutique.  I’m volunteering at the baked goods and refreshments area too. Many of us, including me, are excellent bakers along with being quilters and crafters so there will be a lot of good eats. Coffee, tea, and other drinks will be available.

Most of the quilters in the guild work on quilts all the time. I am still at the point where I need a goal and a deadline to motivate me. But being with this talented group is an inspiration so I’m hoping to improve my output.

Here is my design for the pot holders I am working on:

Pot Holder Design



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2 responses to “Back to Quilting

  1. Jenny

    This is so beautiful!!!!! Perfect composition!

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