newest kitchen appliance

During the 90s I had a great kitchen tool, an emersion blender, that I used every day to make my morning soy smoothies. I think it was a Black and Decker.  When I got over my obsession with soy powder and soy milk I gave the emersion blender to my son after he graduated from college. It was a great machine that’s probably still working. Now I find the need for new emersion blender.  I want to make humus and find that blenders don’t work very well for humus and my food processor has too many parts to clean after.

On the horizon, my upcoming birthday. I asked my son for an emersion blender and then began to research them on line and at local kitchen supply stores ie, Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma (way too expensive). Then went to one of my favorite stores, Kohl’s, and sure enough found the right one for the right price.  I was actually there to buy a memory foam pillow and earned a $10 coupon which I could use at a later date. So, yesterday, I went back with a friend, my coupon, and bought my emersion blender which my son will reimburse me for my birthday. My plans for this blender are more exciting than my much loved and much used Black and Decker. I’m really going to go to town with fruits and yogurt and much more interesting drinks than soy milk smoothies. Hopefully, I will find the recipe for the fountain of youth.  People have been making soups with emersion blenders so the recipes have improved.

Presenting my new Cuisinart emersion blender.


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