home made pizza

I used to make home made pizza using bakery bought pizza dough.  I have always made my own sauce so I thought that bakery bought pizza dough was perfectly fine.  Until the day I scoured my neighborhood bakeries and pizza shops and couldn’t find any pizza dough.  I’m a great bread baker but thought there was something difficult about making pizza dough and since home made pizza is an impromptu supper dish for me I never bothered to look into making the dough myself.  Well, being forced into making it I discovered that it is REALLY easy and fool proof and as good if not better than the bakery bought dough.  And, I get three pizza’s from one batch so now I have frozen pizza dough in my freezer for a truly impromptu meal.

Yesterday, between re-watching episodes of The Wire on dvd, I made home made pizza without having to leave my house for one item. Thankfully so, since it was rainy, cloudy, and cold again. That weather continues today and promises to stay this way until Friday, at least. We are now referring to Boston as Seattle.  I have a death grip on my sanity over this weather.

Waiting for the dough to rise:

Waiting for the pizza to bake:

Lola’s not too happy with this weather either.

The pizza:

The right idea:


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