what I wait for

I wait for a number of things, but today fulfilled one of the annual events that I look forward to every year.  My first glass of wine on my patio (or deck or porch or back yard depending on where I’m living).  But I live in Boston now and have a lovely private brick patio outside my kitchen. Prior to washing down my glass table, that endures the New England winters excellently, I performed my annual ritual of devaluating (devaluing?)  the neighborhood real estate by hanging my laundry out to dry on drying racks, in the sun, also on my patio. You know, like they do in Europe. Anyways, I TRULY  LOVE  laundry that has been hung outside to dry.  And, of course, the points I get for a lighter carbon footprint are a bonus.  And I really want to give the finger to the gas company.

So all that aside, here’s my photo of the day.  It’s a great wait to celebrate the long awaited New England Spring.


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