a beautiful day in Boston . . . . finally

It happened to be Easter Sunday today; a day I don’t really celebrate except with food and to send my son some packages of Peeps. I did no cooking today but treated myself to a croissant and coffee this morning after I got home from Whole Foods. I like to go there early on Sunday and make it an experience.

It was a well deserved beautiful day. Sunny, mostly 60s and reached 74 degrees.  I spent a lot of time outdoors.  I walked around the block to cat sit for an hour for a friend who has three cats.  I walked around my garden which is still mostly green and found these beautiful flowers blooming.  As time goes buy they become kind of psychedelic. I’ve got some rosemary in pots and am growing sage from seed. I also have some onions growing.  I am focusing mostly on container gardening this year since I a broke a rib last year weeding.  Got myself in a bad position and heard a snap.  Was in pain for months.

I sat on my front steps for a long time. My neighbor stopped by to chat after coming from church. Then I brought Lola out on her leash and brushed her which she LOVES.  Here she is at the door meowing to come out. Another neighbor stopped by while I was brushing her to say Hi!  It was my neighbor who lives across the street and has a two and a half month old baby girl who I am lucky enough to babysit for occasionally.

Lola’s probably a pound lighter now with all the fur that I brushed out.

It was a perfect day.


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