another era comes to an end

Although I have worked at four biotechnology companies in Boston and Cambridge (five if you count TKT which became Shire) my entry into the industry over 21 years ago was through Genzyme on Kneeland Street in Chinatown, Boston.  Kneeland Street bordered the old Combat Zone and The Tufts New England Medical Center.  It was the job that turned my life around.  I spent seven and a half years working at Genzyme.  Growing and making my bones in the industry. I always feel nostalgic when I think of those first few months in Chinatown. Picking up Chinese food on Friday nights to bring home for my son and I. Working on the Ceredase NDA where the majority of people did not know what they/we were doing. Having  a regular paycheck.  It was probably the most exciting work experience I ever had.

Today Genzyme was sold to Sanofi, a French company. Genzyme stumbled during the past couple of years making in attractive for a buy out.  I never thought I would see the day when Genzyme erred to the monumental degree that it did.

I sure wish there was an opportunity for me here. I’d like to come out of retirement just one more time and get back into a cubical and make some money.


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