more snow in Boston

We had another blizzard last night.  Sixteen or eighteen inches.  I’m not keeping track anymore.  I’m tired and depressed over getting around in the snow.  Backpacking to my job at Starbucks with my clogs in my backpack.  Wearing my, money well spent, Canadian, truly waterproof, lambskin, Pajar, high-calf boots; my ankle length, Patagonia, down coat; hand knit hat and scarf (I made the scarf not the hat); and fleece lined mittens. I’m actually quite warm and comfortable. I just don’t want to do that anymore.  Wear these clothes or go to work at Starbucks.  Thankfully, I was off today and will be off tomorrow also.  But Saturday I work again.

On the up side, I have lost weight. And, I have been baking and cooking. Tomorrow I’m going to bake the oatmeal raisin cookies from Flour, Joanne Chang’s runnaway hit cookbook. I got TWO copies of Flour for Christmas.  One from my son and one from my good friend.  My son was gracious enough to accept his copy back saying that he wanted to purchase a copy for his collection anyway.

Lola escaped out the door today while I was taking pictures.  She didn’t get far.  She probably was looking for grass but began to scoot down the driveway.  I didn’t panic, though, because she is kind of a scaredy cat.  I just grabbed a can of cat food and enticed her back up the driveway (her meowing all the way) and picked her up an brought her in.

Here are some more shots of my big back yard!

The tree with the Blue Jay feeding is what’s left of my lilac tree.


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