holiday cookies

My neighbors are expecting a baby and invited me to the shower.  They know I’m a good baker so they asked if I would make the desserts.  Their favorite of my desserts is lemon squares so I made those and I suggested gingerbread cookies, one of my favorites.  Christmas time is the only time I make them.  The rest of the food was catered by another one of their friends who is a dog walker by profession.  All the food was magnificent.  I kept going back for the crab cakes.  I’m a little hung over this morning but it was a fun time.

I made them a baby quilt which they loved.  But, in my haste in getting everything together to bring over I forgot to photograph the quilt.  I’ll try to get a shot of it after the baby is born.

I got lots of compliments on the cookies.  I love how festive they look this time of year.


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