Holiday Wander in Roslindale Village

My Boston neighborhood village.

It was such a lovely evening stroll.

I ran into folks I know.

There was good cheer everywhere.

The little kids are already very excited.

And, so am I.



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2 responses to “Holiday Wander in Roslindale Village

  1. Jenny

    How beautiful! I love your new “header picture” and the snowflakes (although I liked Lola’s picture also!) I look forward to returning to your village! And by the way–the persimmons were excellent!

  2. Thanks, Jenny. The Holiday Wander was really festive. There were lots of folks out walking around and shopping. We didn’t get to hear the little kids caroling because my friend had to get home but they looked so cute. I expect it will become more festive we get closer to Xmas.

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