Happy Halloween!

If you were to judge the state of the world by my Boston neighborhood you would say that we are all living in peaceful harmony.  After only two and a half years in this neighborhood I know my neighbors by name. We’ve had block parties, live music house parties, impromptu barbecues, dinners, and much more.  We help each other.  We cover the complete range of social, ethnic, racial, educational, and economic cultures.  On a night like tonight, Halloween, is when it all manifests.  Even my cat, Lola, got involved by standing by the front door garnering many complements from the little kids.  I continually marvel at the experience of living here.

I’ve neglected to take pictures this fall because I have been busy quilting, knitting, and reading but I finally took some today in my yard that represent the beauty of fall to me.

I’ve decided to post these completely untouched.



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2 responses to “Halloween

  1. Jenny

    And indeed they do capture the beauty of this season!

  2. Suzanne

    Thanks, Ann. Beautiful photos – and I love the way you described the neighborhood. I’m so pleased that you are at home here 🙂

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