Didn’t I

You know when you have a pain for so long that you don’t notice when it goes away until you do something that you have not done for a while because of that pain.  Well that happened to me recently when I danced in my kitchen to Darondo’s “Didn’t I.”  I had forgotten how good it felt to dance around my house.

In May I broke a rib overextending myself in my garden.  It was really bizarre to hear that snap and realize that it came from my own upper left rib cage and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.  The damage was done.

So I won’t go into all the ways that that broken rib ruined every fun activity in my life including breathing for the past four months; but that moment, two days ago, when I spontaneously started to dance to the recently purchased iTune “Didn’t I,” I realized the pain was gone.  The happiness I have felt since that day is indescribable. And I’ve been dancing again ever since.

Now, Darondo.  I’m embarrassed that I was not familiar with his music until I heard “Didn’t I”  during the closing credits of my latest favorite TV Show, “Breaking Bad.”  I consider myself an aficionado of 70’s soul music so this is tough for me to admit. Although in reading his bio on wiki, I think I had heard of him way back then.  I thought it was Al Green and went to iTunes to purchase it but it was not him.  So I went to the “Breaking Bad” web site, found it and immediately purchased the tune from iTunes (all in less than three minutes).  Internet, I love you.


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