Labor Day

Was invited to a bbq across the street yesterday for a Labor Day celebration.  My neighbors really like to entertain.  They always have a special cocktail and bar set up.  Then start grilling.  Hey, if that doctor career doesn’t work out, there’s a career in short order cook for my neighbor.  Delicious food.  Three dogs. One cat.  Lots of fun and I get to walk home.

My contribution is always dessert because they don’t make desserts.  So I was preparing an apple pie and thought I had over processed the pastry dough.  I panicked and decided I needed a fall back just in case.  So I made lemon squares. Well the apple pie turned out fine and the lemon squares were already made so I brought both.

When I walked in with one dessert in each hand everyone was like “are those lemon squares!”  Then I put the desserts on the dessert spot and when more people came in each person was like “are those lemon squares!”

Well, I didn’t get good shots of the lemon squares to post but I do have a good shot of the apple pie.

Both desserts disappeared and I didn’t even get to have a lemon square.  The pie was good, though.


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