welcome fall cleanse

Went to the Newton Farmer’s Market today in 95 degree weather.  This is my favorite farmer’s market because the setting is in a large park and it feels a little country.  Also, there is a lot of shade and some breeze.  There are also a lot of farm stands there as well as pork, (my favorite) beef, chicken, turkey, and fish stands.  There are other stands but I don’t frequent the baking stands since I’m such a good baker.  Also, surprisingly since it is Newton, there is no attitude there like the farmer’s market in Brookline at Coolidge Corner.  The crowd at Brookline is pretty unbearable.  Same farmers though so I’m not missing anything by avoiding Brookline.  Of course my own little neighborhood farmers’ market in Roslindale Center is great.  Just a little small but I can get anything I want except ground pork.

So the advent of my favorite time of year, fall, is here.  And time for my physical and spiritual cleanse.  I’ll be eating lots of veggies and fruit and will cut out ALL sugar, caffine, dairy, and processed foods for the next four weeks.

Here’s a picture of the types of meals I will be eating.

My body will be thanking me over and over again. And, yes, those are brussel sprouts.  So sweet!


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