July 6, 2010, My Birthday

Should I say how old I am?  I’m 62.

Today’s temperature reached 100 degrees F in Boston.  Pretty brutal.

My son came over this evening after work and we enjoyed a really nice summer supper.

salmon loaf from the original New York Times Cookbook

potato salad

blueberry pie (pictured below) and vanilla ice cream for dessert

My very thoughtful son gave me some great gifts:  three-year subscription to Real Simple Magazine (a big favorite of mine), gift card to Whole Foods, an adjustable measuring spoon, and a wonderful cook book, The Frankies Spuntinos Kitchen Companion & Cooking Manual – a wonderful comprehensive Italian cookbook with recipes from their grandmothers.

After years of practice I’ve become the best pie maker I know.


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One response to “July 6, 2010, My Birthday

  1. Jim

    Happy Birthday – belated by the Sun! Love, Jim and Barb. Your pie is making me hungry…

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