I love NYC

What more can I say.  I love New York more each time I visit and I have lost count of the times I have visited there since childhood.

I stayed with my brother and sister-in-law (the resident chef) in Brooklyn this past weekend.

My sister-in-law met me on my arrival and we went to Del Posto, Mario Batali and Lidia and Joe Bastianich’s restaurant.  We had a wonderful lunch.  I had the grilled pork wrapped in prosciutto and she had seared duck breast. For dessert we both had the chocolate ricotta tortino with Sicilian pistachios and extra virgin olive oil gelato–lovely. The atmosphere was just beautiful. I have to mention that the service was over bearing and intrusive, though.  I, personally, don’t need to know that the cherries were dehydrated in or out of house and rehydrated in house and other lengthy descriptions of tiny samples from the kitchen. But I was glad to eat in one of Mario’s restaurants.

After eating lunch we went to the Chelsea Market.  Very high on my list of favorite places and a place I will go back to the next time I am in NYC.

On the home front, my sister-in-law and her side-kick aka sous chef, my brother, kept me well fed with wonderful Spanish dishes. And, of course, the obligatory wine that goes with them.  Here are two pictures representing the delicacies.

And paella

On Saturday I visited my astrologer and had probably the best reading I have ever had.  Everything good should come my way.  Of course I can’t sit home and do nothing but I sure feel like I could.  Since my astrologer lives in the West Village I took the opportunity to walk the length of Bleeker St to her apartment.  It was such a perfect May day.  Everyone was out and about and happy.  I later ate a vegetarian lunch at Gobon and worked my way back to Brooklyn for a paella dinner.

Sunday, my brother recommended that he and I (his wife had to work) walk through Central Park and go to the Metropolitan Museum and have brunch there.  Another perfect and relaxing day.  Then back to Brooklyn where there was a Bangladeshi street festival going on in the neighborhood.  So beautiful to see all the women dressed in their native styles.  We briefly walked through the thousands of celebrants and were the only white people.  No one seemed to notice.  Then a tapas treat in the evening with more wine.

I returned home Monday  and I’m still in a New York state of mind.


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