rainy Saturday

After several beautiful sunny warm days it looks like we will have rain all day today.  I was woken up this morning sometime around 4:30 by distant thunder and lightening which gradually moved toward Boston.  It is currently 9:19AM and just turned very dark and now it’s pouring.  We will have thunder and lighting all day.  It’s a peaceful rain though.  Tomorrow, Mother’s Day, looks like it will be sunny but only in the 50s.  I will be enjoying the day with my son.  He’s going to cook!

I’m currently reading PAUL NEWMAN, A LIFE by Shawn Levy.  It’s a wonderfully written biography.  Paul Newman is probably my all time favorite actor.  According to this biography he was the person he always seemed to be.  A great fun loving guy who loved his wife and his whole family; a liberal; and a philanthropist.  He was self critical and always credited Joanne Woodward with being a better actor than he.  Contrast this with the biography I read about Clint Eastwood who is all front.  I ended up believing that Eastwood was not really a very nice person and woman chasing misogynist for sure.

I’m searching for creative inspiration these days.  Lots of ideas, just not able to get them out of my head.

My Irises are blooming beautifully.  My garden is so lush at this point that it is harder to see the weeds, though I know they are there.


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