May is finally here

With the first days of May came 75 and 80+ degree weather.  It felt so wonderful to wake up to a warm day.  My back yard is like a wonderful lush little sanctuary.  Here are some shots.

I’ve been spending a lot of time out here eating lunch, reading, drinking wine, and planning my future.

Some of my surroundings.

I’m sure everyone has heard that the greater Boston area has not had suitable drinking water for three days now.  So two million people are boiling water and drinking bottled water.  It looks like the end is in site.  The breach in the water supply has been fixed and now we wait for the water to be run through the system for a couple of days to make sure the water is once again safe.  Of course, my first question was why did a pipe in a system less than ten years old break in the first place?  Who got the kick back for that contract?  I’m sure we will get to the bottom of it like we did with the “Big Dig”–eventually.  Hopefully, no one will become really sick.  The possible illness will not manifest itself for a week after ingestion.

Here’s a really cute picture of my cat that I took with my iPhone.  She’s so cute.  I can’t really think of a caption worthy of the picture except for “that’s my paw.”


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