38 degrees and rising

Lots of local news this Friday morning.  Temperature 38 degrees.  Its raining again.  Snow is a possibility.  Coyotes (this is why I keep Merriam-Webster open the whole time I’m writing my blog) have been spotted in Roslindale backyards.  Not just one but a small pack were filmed roaming around together.  They have also been spotted in nearby Brookline.

There is a lot of green space in my neighborhood although coyotes do seem to show up in inner city neighborhoods.  Roslindale borders on the 265-acre Olmsted landscaped Arnold Arboretum.  Some neighbors in nearby Chestnut Hill near Allandale Farm can hear the coyotes howling at night.  That would be eerie (back to Merriam-Webster:  :so mysterious, strange, or unexpected as to send a chill up the spine <a coyote’s eerie howl> <the similarities were eerie>; also : seemingly not of earthly origin <the flames cast an eerie glow>)  I guess I used that word correctly.

Anyway, it was an Earl Grey with slice of lemon kind of morning.  I’m finishing up my three week cleanse which prohibits caffeine (Are you kidding?  I have to look up the spelling of caffeine?) but I decided I needed the comfort of Earl Grey.  I also have a bottle of red wine on hand.  Likewise prohibited by the cleanse.

One big difference between writing a blog which other people can read (I don’t delude myself into thinking that too many people are reading it.) and my journals is that I don’t write about all the negative things I feel about myself.  I don’t assign blame or perpetuate  a grudge.  It’s a much healthier expression for me and there is no need to periodically shred anything.  And, I get to write which I have always loved doing.  My writing is more creative.  Also, when I go back and read past entries I should be able to place the timing of some injustice that was happening to me at the time of the entry.


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