Day after a Rainy Day

I’m more than half way through my spring cleanse.  It’s going great as usual.  I feel relaxed, clear headed, and I’m sleeping better.  If only I could eat this way all the time and not just twice a year. Here’s a sample of what you would see around my kitchen during these three weeks.

Yesterday, it poured all day and was about 40 degrees.  Normally I like a day of rain.  But this spring has been breaking all records for rain and the rains have lasted three days at a time.  I find it a little depressing.  So instead of staying in to be cozy and drink tea and read mystery novels, I stayed in with the feeling of hiding out from the weather.  Not so much fun. This morning (Saturday) I woke up around 7:30am to the bright beautiful sun.  It’s only about 40 and may go as high as low 60s later this afternoon, so not quite as warm as I would like but I will be going out for a walk later.

As a result of all the rain and alternating sunny days my garden is about to explode.  Everything is popping up at once so it should be beautiful and lush this summer.  Unfortunately the weeds are also prolific so part of gardening is just plain work.  But it’s good work so once I’m out there hours go by unnoticed.  I also got a new bird feeder designed for the smaller birds and they started coming immediately.


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