Happy Easter

Spring is really here today.  Yesterday the temperature reached 75 degrees in Boston.  There are flowers popping up and trees blossoming early with this sun and warm weather after the record rains .  Water is still draining off from the rains last week.  I drove through run off this morning on my way to Whole Foods to purchase these flowers for my friends whom I will be enjoying a wonderful Easter dinner with later this afternoon.

My Boston neighborhood is a little patch of ideal living.  It’s the kind of neighborhood where neighbors really like to get to know each other.  A neighbor texted me to borrow a teaspoon of allspice when she was in the middle of a recipe and realized they had none.  We share gardening tools.  We recycle with each other items that we cannot use. It’s very common to see impromptu gatherings of small groups in our yards enjoying discussions.

Recently, I noticed that my trash bags were disappearing before trash pick and was totally perplexed by what might happening to them.  I decided to ask my next door neighbor if she had seen anyone taking my trash.  She admitted with a slightly self conscious smile that her one and a half year old son loves to help take out the trash and on occasion walks up and down the street to find trash to add to the collection outside his own home.  She went on to say that he even walks up my driveway into my back yard to scout out more.  Mystery solved.

I’m about to go out and sit in my backyard and read.  How lucky for me.


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